Since I was little I've always been fascinated by photography, the idea of freezing time enchanted me. My parents had bought a compact Yashica camera when I started recording family moments and trips. Many years passed until I decided to study photography. 

Later, I acquired a Zenit SLR camera to start the photography course, and over time I was putting into practice what I was learning. I started not only exploring photo records, but understanding photographic art.  

I accumulated knowledge and experience, and acquired a Nikon, when new insights began emerge and limits were crossed. I woke up to exhibitions of photographic shoots I had done. Family portraits already shared spaces with landscapes, first of Chapada Diamantina, later of other places in the world. 

Among courses with several masters and learning with friends from the photography club, I consolidated my work, always keeping in mind that learning is infinite and constant. All this "photographic soup" resulted in 6 individual exhibitions, 5 group exhibitions, participation in Plastic Arts Hall and a co-authorship of a photographic book about Canudos. 

I discovered the beauty of these landscapes in the black and white images. This gallery is the result of all this photographic experience over all these years. I hope you like and enjoy it. 

Marcio L. Medrado